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Trout for Cheat Members Stock River - article for the Dominion Post by Jeniffer Graham - 31 March 2017





ROWLESBURG - Members of Trout for Cheat released approximately 1,900 pounds of trout in the Cheat River this week.
The trout were stocked Monday in several locations between Riverview Lounge, in Rowlesburg, and Pringle Run, on W.Va. 72. the trout were delivered by Indian Lake Fisheries. According to Trout for Cheat President Art George, this is the 16th year the committee has stocked the river.
"The state told us trout couldn't survive in the river and wouldn't stock it," George said.
Jim White, secretary of Trout for Cheat, said members of the committee monitored the river for a year to see if stocking would be feasible.

Cheat River Adventures

"We monitored the ph of the water and checked the flood chain. After a year, we determined trout could live here and started stocking," he said.
George said the committee will be doing five stockings of the river this fall. He said the ChalleNGe Academy cadets carry the fish to the river and deputies from the sheriff's department handle traffic control. He said all those who help stock the river are volunteers.
White said all of the fish stocked in the Cheat River come from West Virginia.

Drew Tatich poses with a trout he caught in the Cheat river.