Rowlesburg, WV        On-Trac Community since 2009
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last update: 11/06/2016

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 WV CHESTNUT FESTIVAL                                                 CHRISTMAS MARKET

8th Annual
European Style
Christmas Market
Saturday 10 December 2016

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“A Flagship Community” 

Article submitted by Anna R. Nassif - Photo courtesy WV Department of Commerce

Take Pride in your Hometown.

Rowlesburg was and is in essence and continues to this day in the pioneering spirit. Another wave is manifested in what is happening in Rowlesburg now. More recently the town and its organizations, old and new, have accelerated their working process to restore the town to its former glory

Rowlesburg, a “Flagship Community,” (so says Ron Brown) and its citizens and organizations have been taking pride in their hometown through revitalization efforts that have been underway since the Great Flood of 1985. For more than a decade practically all of the town organizations and its citizens have been working on at least one project such as fixing up properties, beautifying the town, planting flowers, writing books, working with streetscape projects, keeping the park in shape and more. Many persons, living and deceased, have worked tirelessly in their own unique and special ways to help bring Main Street back to its old self and to assist Rowlesburg to make a steady recovery.  Many neighboring towns have pitched in to help in one way or another.
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